For Customer Success, email drafts should be warmup laps

For Customer Success, email drafts should be warmup laps

Technical topics often tempt Customer Success Managers/CSMs to type up all the info they can think of and launch it at the client's inbox like a cannonball.

This is usually a mistake -- but the mistake isn't writing the draft, it's pressing send.

Here's a better path.

  1. Write out an email that has all the key points but would still be reasonable to send
  2. Instead of sending, send a message like this: "Hi client, would you have time to review X on the phone later today, maybe 3pm ET?"
  3. Use your email as talking points

Assuming the CSM feels comfortable talking with clients, whatever the complicated or bad news is, the call will go better than the email would have.

What do you do with the email you wrote out so carefully, besides use it as talking points? Send it:

  • either as a followup to the client confirming what you already discussed
  • or to yourself, and give it a label like "Emails I was thoughtful enough not to send" so that you can look back and see how concise you've been