New Faraday Personas & Insights app for Shopify

"This app is incredible. I used Google Analytics, I used other apps, but the level of customer insights you get from Faraday is a complete game-changer..."

New Faraday Personas & Insights app for Shopify

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Faraday Personas & Insights app for Shopify, putting a new level of customer analytics capabilities into store owners' hands — for free. The app gives users a new perspective of the distinct groups that make up their customer base and reveals insights that would otherwise require a team of analysts.

“New level of customer analytics” — that sounds a little buzzy. Let’s go deeper.

Is your customer base evolving? If so, how? Are early-adopters waning? Are certain personas emerging? The Faraday Personas & Insights app lets you monitor the evolution of your customer personas so you can make more informed product development and go-to-market decisions.

shopify faraday app persona distribution chart

Why did orders spike last weekend? Did you launch a new product or campaign? More importantly, who did it resonate with? The app gives you the situational awareness needed to connect those dots, double down on what’s working, and make the right adjustments when things don’t play out as expected.

shopify faraday app revenue by persona

Curious as to how it all works? Let’s see what’s under the hood.

Faraday’s seamless integration with Shopify’s platform pulls your store’s transactional data to build customer personas and deliver insights. This is done by matching your shoppers’ data to  corresponding records in the Faraday Identity Graph, enriching your data with hundreds of third-party attributes. This matching process triggers machine learning models that cluster your customers into their distinct demographic groups, forming your brand’s personas.

The determined personas include key features around demographic, financial, and lifestyle data to help you understand who your customers are outside of their transactions with your brand. Additional customer insights are derived by comparing your shoppers to average Americans across income, gender, age, and lifestyle interest categories. Lastly, you can visualize on a map where in the country your customers are so you can focus location-based campaigns on the places that matter most.

shopify faraday app customer map

These crucial insights can easily be retrieved anytime through an automated report, allowing you to review and compare the customers that are growing your brand.

But the app does not simply provide a snapshot of your customer base. Rather, it tracks and reports with every order how your customer base changes over time, a key piece to understanding your audiences and building out your brand. This ongoing assignment of personas and insights allows store owners to uncover which products and campaigns resonate with which customers. Each time you send out an email, add a new product, or launch a new promotion, you can use the app to see the impact of your efforts on each persona.

This app is incredible. I used Google Analytics, I used other apps, but the level of customer insights you get from Faraday is a complete game-changer. We've completely redesigned our FB audiences based on the insights from this app, and we're already seeing a 8X ROAS!
— Seedsheets customer review, October 2020

Interested to learn more? Visit the Shopify app store and discover how the power of customer data can empower your team.