Faraday for Free: Our new personas & insights tool

Unlock insights into existing and future customers in just a few clicks.

Faraday for Free: Our new personas & insights tool

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Customer IDentifier tool, putting a new level of customer analytics capabilities into your hands — for free. The tool gives users a new perspective of the distinct groups that make up their customer base and reveals insights that would otherwise require a team of analysts.

“New level of customer analytics” — that sounds a little buzzy. Let’s go deeper.

Is your customer base evolving? If so, how? Are early-adopters waning? Are certain personas emerging? The Customer IDentifier lets you monitor your customer personas so you can make more informed product development and go-to-market decisions.

shopify faraday app persona distribution chart

Curious as to how it all works? Let’s see what’s under the hood.

Faraday’s 270M+ responsibly sourced consumer profiles join your data to build customer personas and deliver insights. This is done by matching your data to  corresponding records in the Faraday Identity Graph, enriching your data with hundreds of third-party attributes. This matching process triggers machine learning models that cluster your customers into their distinct demographic groups, forming your brand’s personas.

The determined personas include key features around demographic, financial, and lifestyle data to help you understand who your customers are outside of their transactions with your brand. Additional customer insights are derived by comparing your shoppers to average Americans across income, gender, age, and lifestyle interest categories.

Interested to learn more? Visit the Customer IDentifier and discover how the power of customer data can empower your team.