Our focus

Faraday is committed to B2C

Faraday doesn’t do everything. We’re focused on the biggest AI opportunity facing consumer brands today: customer lifecycle optimization. Our narrow application of machine learning technology means we can make your organization predictive in weeks, not months.

Batteries included

You can’t build models unless you have data. Faraday includes terabytes of data on every adult consumer in the U.S. Our focus on B2C means we’ve gone out and done all the legwork for you: signing expensive data licensing deals with the world’s most reliable partners.

Push-button models

Because all of our models predict consumer behavior, our machine learning pipeline is fully automated. Simply describe which groups of people you’re trying to find more of, and the technology takes over. By design, Faraday can’t do everything. This means we can do the most important things quickly, effectively, and inexpensively.

Deploy where it counts

Faraday is for B2C. This means that we’ve built partnerships and integrations with the major destinations for your data and models, from Facebook to Redshift. You can use your models on demand, in real time with our API, or on a scheduled basis to ensure that scores and data get in the systems where they’re most useful.