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AI and digital transformation strategies in marketing

Personalization bootcamp

Featuring EmpowerFi, Searchlight Advertising, and Faraday

About the webinar

Personalization got you beat?

Get your personalized marketing in shape!

In the second session of our personalization bootcamp, agencies EmpowerFi and Searchlight Advertising discuss how AI is involved in their respective markets' digital transformation, and how personalization plays a role.

Watch this session to learn:

  • Why predictive marketing doesn't need to be an all-in investment
  • How agencies like EmpowerFi and Searchlight Advertising help clients be more personalized
  • The importance of harnessing data to stay ahead of competitors

"AI machine learning is now available to our clients...we're coming into our own and harnessing the power of data."

— Kelly Hellickson, President & CXO, EmpowerFi


  • Kelly Hellickson,

President & CXO,


  • Jon Torrey,

Director of Digital Marketing,

Searchlight Advertising

  • Robbie Adler,

Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer,