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Personalization, personas, & the pandemic

Personalization bootcamp

Featuring Interior Define, Boll & Branch, and Faraday

About the webinar

Personalization got you beat?

Get your personalized marketing in shape!

In the first session of our personalization bootcamp, Interior Define and Boll & Branch discuss their strategies for customer segmentation, personalization at scale, and how their dominant personas have shifted over the course of the pandemic.

Watch this session to learn:

  • The dominant personas that have emerged for these brands
  • The impact personalization can have on your marketing strategies
  • How other brands have pivoted (or not) and remained successful during the pandemic

"We know who our target market is, we know who our customer is — so that helps us decide where we want to go next."

— Teresa Salamone, Customer Insights Analyst, Interior Define


  • Teresa Salamone

Customer Insights Analyst, Interior Define

  • Daphne Chow

Digital Analytics Manager, Boll & Branch

  • Robbie Adler

Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Faraday