Case study | Omnichannel growth

How Burrow coordinates 1 in 3 sales with Faraday

Burrow is making waves in the furniture space by taking a highly quantitative approach to building a powerful brand, designing great products, and engaging consumers the way they want.

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How Faraday supports Burrow’s growth strategy

Customer insight discovery

Knowing who your customers are and speaking to them as real people is more important than ever. Burrow embraced this early on, using Faraday to understand the types of people that loved their brand.

Optimized customer acquisition

Facebook is a key acquisition channel for nearly every growing brand. Burrow wanted a smarter way to fish in the same pond as the rest, so they used Faraday’s custom lookalike audiences to expand their reach.

Location and market intelligence

Consumers still want to get a good feel for the products they buy, especially their furniture. When Burrow launched their showrooms, Faraday helped pinpoint the best locations in the best cities.