Retail location intelligence | Cabot case study

Putting data science to work for a smarter retail expansion strategy

Cabot Creamery has amassed a significant following of brand enthusists across the country. Faraday informed their expansion strategy with enhanced customer insights and location recommendations. Read the case study to learn more.

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Here’s the gist:

Customer background

Cabot primarily distributes its products in New England, but their email subscribers live all over the country. They wanted to expand their retail presence, so Faraday helped guide their strategy with data science.

Subscriber insights

Faraday matched Cabot’s ~300K email subscribers to the Faraday Identity Graph to reveal distinctive attributes about their brand enthusiasts. Cabot put these insights to work by curating and delivering more relevant content to each subscriber.

Location recommendations

Faraday’s data science team computed Cabot’s realistic market opportunities across the country and identified the best zip codes to expand their retail presence. Read the case study to see how it works.