Customer lifecycle optimization

A platform-agnostic step-by-step approach to monetize the customer data you work hard to collect.

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What you’ll learn in this whitepaper

Busting through the “write-only” phase

“The pantry is full and there’s nothing to eat.” Feel like you’re capturing mountains of data, but you’re not much better off than before? That’s because we’re in the “write-only” phase of the technology curve. Learn how to bust through it.

What is data myopia?

“Data initiatives almost invariably suffer from a ‘blind spot’ in the underlying source material itself.” Your data is probably incomplete in two dimensions: both breadth and depth. This constrains your perspective and therefore your economic opportunity. Explore how to gain a broader view.

Customer lifecycle optimization

“Customer lifecyle optimization” is the practice of using data-driven predictions to measurably improve revenue-building outcomes at each stage of the customer lifecycle. We’ll unpack the term’s meaning in order to understand the practice.

Data-driven predictions

“Predictions are the hallmark of customer lifecycle optimization.” If you think you need a supercomputer to make predictions, think again. Learn how to get started on pattern recognition with nothing more than a sheet of paper.