How-to guide

How to mitigate the limitations of Facebook with custom lookalike audiences

Advertising on Facebook has become more expensive and more restrictive over the years, but it’s still a worthwhile channel if you have the right toolkit. See how AI can unlock solutions to common Facebook challenges in this guide.

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What’s in the guide?

What you need to get started

Hint – it’s not all that much. As long as you have an end goal in mind, and a sense of past customer activity, Faraday can activate predictive models to create custom audiences unique to your company and your needs.

Gaining transaction transparency

Break out of the black box. It’s not just that Faraday’s AI-generated lookalike audiences target consumers most likely to interact with your brand – when you reach people in these audiences, you’ll know exactly who they are, unlike with Facebook’s lookalike audiences.

The advantages of personas

Know your customers, inside and out. Faraday can sort your customers into personas based on particular shared attributes, and deploy these personas to any number of channels – not just Facebook – in order to launch highly personalized campaigns.

Best practices

Get everything you need to succeed, from budget considerations to when you should expect to see results from your custom audiences.