Case study | Member acquisition

Mid-Hudson Valley FCU

How Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union (MHVFCU) optimized their targeted outreach and branch expansion strategies with Faraday AI.

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Here’s the gist:


After syncing their Raddon-based MCIF with the Faraday Identity Graph, MHVFCU uncovered insights ranging from standout interests that distinguish their members from the crowd to the effects of branch proximity on membership rates.


MHVFCU prides itself on treating members like family, and just as families evolve over time, so do member relationships. Faraday mapped out MHVFCU’s membership engagement journey and calculated the link between life-stage and certain financial products.


Faraday helped MHVFCU turn insight into action. With Faraday Reach and Hotspots, MHVFCU was able to identify high-opportunity locations for geographical expansion and drive member acquisition by targeting likely-to-join audiences on their social.