How-to guide

Using AI-built personas to drive growth

Personalization is a must for any brand that wants to grow – but how to implement it at scale? In this guide, learn how Faraday uses AI to create custom personas for clients and generate valuable insights.

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What’s in the guide?

Types of personas

There’s more than one way to create persona groups. Qualitative personas are quite popular, but can suffer from information gaps in a way that quantitative personas do not. Which type is right for your business?

How Faraday builds personas

We do the heavy lifting for you. Our data science team uses a k-means clustering algorithm to create personas, employing a number of tactics to ensure that they’re optimized for each brand’s needs.

Adapting with your personas

Sometimes, first-party data doesn’t cut it. When you enrich your customer data with Faraday’s third-party data, you’ll uncover key insights about each of your personas – and will be equipped to adapt with them over time.

Tracking key metrics

The more information you have, the better. Faraday helps brands track precisely how personas are engaging with various campaigns and products, allowing for a powerful understanding of customer behavior.

Scaling for growth

The sky is the limit. Personalization isn’t just for customer acquisition, after all. With the right personas, you can personalize every interaction at every stage of the customer lifecycle.