Let's get predictive

It’s easier than you think to grow faster—and smarter—with predictions. Faraday is the modern prediction infrastructure platform for commerce.


Four easy steps

Connect your data.

Connect your data.

Faraday is stack agnostic and has integrations for 250+ popular tools. We also include the Faraday Identity Graph: rich consumer profile data on 300MM U.S. adults. All while putting privacy and security first.


Brands —Predictions are the secret ingredients for the growth recipes that will transform your business. Book a demo with us to learn how.

Agencies—Your clients are clamoring for predictions. We can help you deliver—and stand out—with a painless, powerful answer.

SaaS platforms—Faraday is prediction infrastructure for your code. Start making your product predictive in minutes.

Real people. Real Results. No code.

See Faraday in action and start generating personas for free today!