Prediction infrastructure for commerce

Find your edge and grow closer to your customers with the power of prediction.



Prediction is the future—the secret ingredient helping today’s best teams work smarter, grow faster, and get closer to their customers.

AI is a mess. Wary of buzzwords? So are we. From efficacy to ethics, the murky world of machine learning rarely meets the hype.

Faraday is here. Practical, powerful prediction. We help brands, partners, developers, and agencies get predictive, fast.

Our data
Rich consumer profiles for all 300MM U.S. adults, all included.
Your data
200+ built-in integrations, plus SOC2-grade security.
Will they or won’t they? Predict future likelihood of any action.
What are they like? Enable true personalization at scale.
What are they worth? Predict LTV to guide engagement.
What’s next? Recommended next actions for each buyer.
On demand
Deploy predictions where you need them with a single click.
Push predictions back into your stack on a recurring basis.
Retrieve predictions from code programmatically with our API.
Retail siting
Choose the best spots for your IRL activations
Product recommendations
Create unique bundles for each buyer to accelerate revenue.
SEM optimization
Target zip codes with the highest predicted value for your business.
Strategic discounting
Promo valuable customers while protecting unit economics.
Portable lookalikes
Deploy the same likely-to-buy groups out to all your channels.
Personalized messaging
Assign personas and tailor outreach accordingly.
Lead scoring
Know when to go hard and when to back off in real time.
Boll and Branch
Katia Unlu, SVP Digital & Retail
Boll and Branch

“With Faraday personalization, we saw 30% conversion lift


Connect with your customers like never before. Since 2012, Faraday has helped hundreds of brands find their edge through responsible data and AI.


Stripe solved payments. Twilio solved messaging. Faraday solved prediction. Finally, an easy way to build predictions into your product.

imageMarcus Thomas - Faraday Agency Partner

Shatter benchmarks and stay ahead of the curve. Faraday helps agencies deliver unparalleled predictive marketing solutions.


Let's be better together. Enable your users to build predictive campaigns and workflows with a few clicks.

Built for humans.

Whether you use code or clicks, Faraday puts the practical power of prediction at your fingertips.


Following our heart since day one.