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We’re Faraday and we make predictions.

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Faraday Prediction Cloud

What we believe in

AI done right.

It’s not easy to make responsible predictions with responsible data. But we’ve figured out how.

It all starts with data. That's where predictions come from, so that's the first place we go looking for biases. By automatically excluding race, ethnicity, and religion from our database, we prevent our models from creating predictions based on protected classes.

It doesn't end there. Once a predictive model is built, we scour the results for further biases. Our data scientists perform reviews at every step of the pipeline to root out other variables that may be skewing results. Responsible AI is the only AI worth using — so we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to creating it.

No cookies

No joke.

We don't think consumers should be tracked across the Internet without their permission, so we've made sure our data comes from cookieless sources.

No scraping

No joke.

We believe the things you share on social media should stay there. All of our consumer data is fully permissioned, licensed from reputable vendors.

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