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How to optimize ad targeting and comply with financial advertising regulations

How to optimize ad targeting and comply with financial advertising regulations

In finance, remaining compliant to fair lending regulations doesn’t mean you need to accept worse acquisition performance. Learn how to use AI and third-party data to optimize ad spend by surfacing your most likely-to-buy customers in under 15 minutes, while ensuring you're compliant to any relevant regulations.

· Patrick Doherty

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Along with improvements in performance, Burrow gained a better understanding of which audience segments would provide a higher returns on their ad spend.

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Using Faraday personas, we saw a 30% lift in conversion with our personalized email campaigns

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Faraday ended up contributing to a 251% reduction in Facebook CPA, a 172% increase in Facebook ROAS, and a 176% increase in new customer acquisition.

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Advia was able to better understand its members’ needs and more intelligently segment both their email and direct mail audiences.

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Faraday unifies your customer data with hundreds of rich, built-in consumer data points to provide powerful predictions that you can be confident in–in just a few clicks.

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