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Spend forecast
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Predictions API

Make your product predictive

Display predictions in your UI, or use them to power advanced automation.

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Deployment options

Our cloud or yours

Use our secure hosted option (deploys daily!), or launch on your private cloud.

Faraday is the only AI platform dedicated to predicting customer behavior

Everything you need to make customer experiences predictive is built in, so you can dive right in.

Customer behavior predictions

So predictable.

Predict every customer behavior, from propensity to persona, and spend forecast to next best offers. It's all built in using generative and traditional AI.

Our predictions

Built-in consumer data

Humans included.

Get more accurate predictions—and avoid the dreaded cold-start problem—with 1,500+ consumer attributes on nearly 240 million adults.

Browse included traits

AI safety

Predict wisely.

Explainability, privacy, bias management, and transparency: find your balance between power and fairness.

Responsible AI with Faraday

Built-in sample data

Welcome to Farazona.

Use our robust sample dataset so your can get started while keeping your data to yourself.


Stack integrations

Integrated where you are.

Continuous batch deploys to your data infrastructure, plus real-time prediction with our API.

Our integrations
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Here's a few ways to get started, based on how you like to work.

Learn by doing

Collaborate with us

Let’s work together async with Slack and Figma to prototype fast. Everyone at Faraday from our CEO/CTO to our engineers can pitch in to get you shipping.

Talk it out

Connect live with SMEs—not sales—at Faraday to talk through your project in real time. We work 9–5 ET.

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