AI and the future of personalized marketing with Iterable & Faraday


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What's the state of AI in marketing today? And where is it headed in the future? Last week, Faraday CEO Andy Rossmeissl sat down with Iterable and dove into these questions in the latest episode of "Dream It, Build It, Make It," Iterable's customer experience interview series.

Whether you're passionate about connecting consumers to great brands or invested in building a meaningful, humanized customer experience, this episode has something for you. Here are the highlights:

AI already touches every part of marketing – that's both good and bad

It's a tremendously powerful tool for marketers, but, as always, with great power comes great responsibility. Rossmeissl explains why AI is "dumb" at its core and how that carries a pretty significant risk of users unknowingly replicating historical biases.

The first-party vs. third-party data debate is relevant to AI

It requires enormous amounts of data to make the predictions marketers need for finding and engaging their ideal customers. And we all know third-party cookies are on the way out. Luckily, you can take advantage of other, more responsible data sources to get all the benefits of marketing AI without the creepy Big Brother effect.

To personalize without third-party cookies, AI is your ticket to success

Rossmeissl shares how AI allows marketers to create unbelievably accurate customer personas and put them into action with solutions like Iterable, making it easier than ever to achieve true personalization.

The future of AI is bright

Using algorithms that already exist, it's possible for brands to start counteracting decades of systemized discrimination and work toward a more equitable society. That's the future that Rossmeissl, and everyone here at Faraday, is looking forward to. For even more insights into consumer predictions, personalized marketing, and more, watch the full episode!

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