How to use AI to deliver a better quality pipeline

How to use AI to deliver a better quality pipeline


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The first step to grow your sales pipeline is to improve your lead generation management. By optimizing your lead generation with predictive lead scoring, you can generate more qualified leads, improve profitability, and ROI, and lower costs.

Some of the most forward-looking businesses in the world are leveraging AI and predictive lead scoring to help them identify and prioritize the most promising and valuable leads based on the criteria that matter most to their particular organization and industry. AI and ML algorithms can ingest and analyze all sorts of data, from behavioral to transactional to demographics, and from multiple sources, including CRM platforms, websites, email, social media, and analytics platforms, to score those leads based on the likeliness to convert.

AI, predictive lead scoring, and predictive modeling allow your company to focus on the leads that matter to the health and profitability of your business, aka your most valuable customers, and avoid wasting your time and resources on low-quality leads.

By using AI, companies can optimize their sales and marketing pipeline by automating and personalizing some or all of it. Depending on the software and technology you apply to your pipeline, AI-driven tools can assist in the optimization of your customer communications in their buyer journey, triggering them at the right times, frequency, and channels to improve response rates, customer engagement, and conversions.

How to use AI to forecast spend and optimize sales

Leveraging AI and predictive insights, businesses can now get a better handle on forecasting and optimizing sales. By feeding AI/ML algorithms with not just historical and real-time observable data, but also loading them with predictive data informed by machine learning, you will be better able to predict accurate outcomes, estimate revenue, and forecast spend.

With AI and predictive modeling, business can now optimize their sales and marketing pipelines. Predictive AI software allows companies to recommend next best actions, like being offered a discount or following up, to trigger them and move them along the customer journey toward a sale. The right AI-driven software will embrace predictive AI algorithms to detect churn and determine the likelihood of a prospect or customer buying, converting, or churning.

The power of modeling lead prioritization and lead assignments

Lead routing, or lead assignment, is where a lead goes and who it gets assigned to when it comes into your company. Lead routing can be done manually like a lot of other processes, but as your company grows, and your customers become more diverse, automating lead routing, lead prioritization, and lead assignments with AI and predictive modeling to better route those leads. With predictive AI, you can do much more advanced routing and prioritization, based on criteria such as geography, deal size, industry, and other factors germane to your sales makeup. With the right AI-driven software, organizations can use rules-based routing to assign leads to the right sales associates, ranking and prioritizing those leads based on the likelihood to convert.

Get AI lead prioritization with Faraday  

By using Faraday predictive modeling and AI platform, businesses can convert more leads by using AI-driven predictions to optimize how you prioritize, route, and engage leads. With their software, companies can anticipate the behavior of each lead in their funnel, essentially turbocharging your lead handling workflows with AI.

Faraday provides the data and the predictive AI modeling infrastructure (IaaS) that enables organizations to iterate on their business challenges, instead of their technology infrastructure. With our platform, brands, and the software companies who support them, can now develop end-to-end customer experiences, at scale, driven by predictive insights.

In the end, a data-driven CX is a better CX. Faraday is the only predictive AI platform, both for software teams and brands, dedicated to predicting customer behavior. Everything you need to make customer experiences predictive is built into our software.

The new normal

Predictive customer behaviors will increasingly drive the unified customer experience until all customer interactions are predictively AI-driven. Brands and organizations looking to leverage AI and predictive insights for business and customer value should start by using AI and predictive modeling to improve the quality and routing of their marketing and sales pipeline.

By optimizing your lead generation with AI-powered routing, lead scoring, and lead prioritization, organizations can run programs more effectively and efficiently, improving business results and consumer value.

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