How Cabot Creamery uncovered high-potential markets for expansion

How Cabot Creamery uncovered high-potential markets for expansion


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A household name to many, Cabot Creamery provides high-quality dairy products to the New England market. But despite their limited regional presence, they have amassed a loyal following email subscribers — roughly 300,000 strong — from across the country. To better reach these brand enthusiasts, Cabot worked with Faraday to learn more about their subscribers, as well as gauge new market opportunities outside of New England.

To better reach their brand enthusiasts, Cabot worked with Faraday to learn more about their email subscribers. Offline, Cabot is looking to expand their physical presence in grocery stores and other retailers beyond their current New England market. To identify the best cities for success, they leveraged Faraday’s market sizing capabilities.

Gaining a deeper understanding of Cabot's most loyal fans

To grow their email subscription list and engage customers, Cabot captures emails from online promotions, in-store sampling, and giveaways—but their real-world insight into these subscribers was limited. Enhancing their first-party data with rich third-party attributes, Faraday gave Cabot a holistic picture of their email subscribers, going so far as to make comparisons between subscribers in different regions of the country to see what sets each geo apart.

Key insights included age, an interest in cooking and mail-order food, and — surprisingly — pet ownership. Many of these common interests among email subscribers varied from place to places across the country. With this in mind, Cabot can confidently personalize future content to resonate with specific segments of their email subscribers.

Identifying high-potential markets with location-based predictions

To engage new customers outside of New England, Cabot needed to find the best locations for future expansion. Faraday analyzed the brand’s areas of interest, predicting which zip codes in New York City and ten metro areas in the Southeast were potential goldmines. These geospatial predictions will not only inform Cabot’s market expansion, but can guide location-based marketing initiatives, like SEM and traditional media buys. Even the placement of in-store sampling events can benefit from these predictions.

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