Powerful features to practical power of AI so you can grow the business of your dreams.

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Proven predictions

Predict what matters most to your business. Faraday applies proven machine learning techniques to make predictions you can count on.

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Built-in data

Faraday adds hundreds of responsibly sourced attributes to your data to power better predictions while protecting consumer privacy.

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Easy recipes

Choose from dozens of preestablished recipes to power your stack with predictions—no coding or machine learning skills needed.

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Integrates with practically everything

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SOC-2 secure

Your data is your data. Faraday keeps it isolated and safe with SOC-2 security.

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Flexible integration options

Every stack is different. Faraday provides flexible, straightforward ways to connect with yours.

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No black boxes

Faraday gives thorough visibility into your models so you can understand how they work.

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Responsible AI controls

With power comes responsibility. Faraday gives you controls to detect and mitigate bias.

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We wouldn't be where we are as a company today without Faraday
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May seem brainy, but we're all heart

Choose your own balance between power and fairness.


Faraday is a consumer prediction platform that enables you to use data science and machine learning to grow your business intelligently and efficiently.

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