Persona assignments in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The best way to personalize email is the simplest: organize your customers into personas, then produce straightforward variations of your email content for each persona. This way, you can have both copy and creative perfectly aligned with the interests of each persona so that your customers feel like you get them.

Faraday makes discovering your brand's bespoke personas intuitive & easy, and delivering them to any channel in your stack a breeze.

With persona assignment predictions in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you'll give your team the ability to personalize engagement to perfection through insights from AI-generated personas.

Sync data from your stack
Use customers personas
Predict for customers
Deploy to Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Personalization is for everybody. Learn how from some of the best.

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Along with improvements in performance, Burrow gained a better understanding of which audience segments would provide a higher returns on their ad spend.

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Using Faraday personas, we saw a 30% lift in conversion with our personalized email campaigns

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Use Faraday for persona assignments in Salesforce Marketing Cloud and you’ll get . . .

  • Turnkey AI

  • Built-in data

  • Deep integration

  • Responsible AI

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