Meet the Faraday Prediction Platform.

An all-in-one tool built to predict consumer behavior at scale. Here's how it works.


Why predict?Great question. Predictions aren’t valuable until you use them.

Use cases

Connecting & data

Connect your data.

Faraday includes integrations for 250+ popular tools, from Snowflake and Redshift to Mailchimp and Klaviyo. We use this data to make predictions for you, and we’ll never share it with other Faraday users.

Enjoy our data.

Faraday includes rich consumer profile data on virtually every U.S. adult — almost 300 million of them. We use this data to build predictive models for you. Meanwhile, you can access it to discover powerful insights.

Safe and sound.

Faraday has a clean SOC2 audit — the gold standard of IT security. We’ve also been standing for privacy since day one: no data scraping, no tracking cookies, no device IDs — never.




Predict what matters.

At Faraday, we only predict consumer behavior. After 9 years in business, we know which predictions are universally valuable.


Likelihood to buy, convert, churn, refer, return . . . you name it. If it’s happened to you before, Faraday can predict when it will happen again. Now you can target the best candidates and make your efforts and dollars count.


Personalization — the holy grail of growth. Finally, an approach that scales. Faraday computes the 3–7 unique personas hidden within your customer base so you can build relevant variations of your messaging for each of them.


“A customer is a customer” . . . you don’t hear that a lot these days. It all comes down to lifetime value. We predict LTV so you can adjust your engagement, discounting, and market sizing proportionally.


What’s next? Faraday examines your customer journeys in order to predict what each person will buy first, next, or never. Watch revenue recognition accelerate when you start offering the right offering.


Deploy at will.

As a stack-agnostic consumer prediction platform, our job is to get predictions wherever you need them — fast, reliably, and securely.


Choose a population, one or more predictions, and a destination, and Faraday handles the rest. Send audiences to Facebook, segments to Klaviyo, and auspicious zip codes to Google Ads.


Automatically deliver predictions on any schedule you choose. Keep your data warehouse and CDP up-to-date with a nightly deploy, or send your churn risks to your direct mail house once per month.


For when every second counts. Set up automated workflows to programmatically retrieve predictions from Faraday’s API. Be more proactive with instant intel on incoming leads, call center inbounds, and first-time buyers.