Flexible deployment.

Get accurate predictions in the right systems at the right time. Faraday provides flexible deployment options for every team.


Why predict?Great question. Predictions aren’t valuable until you use them.

Use cases & stories

On-demand targeting


On your terms.

Deploy likely-to-convert audiences to your favorite ad platforms—or aggregate them for predictive geotargeting.

Predictive targeting

Select your candidates.

Select your destination.

Faraday integrates directly with the top ad platforms and provides simple DIY delivery options for direct mail and other channels.

Real-time API


In the nick of time.

Some workflows demand immediate prediction. That’s why Faraday offers real-time retrieval via API.

Real-time retrieval

Select your candidates.

Define your scope.

Faraday precalcuates all the necessary predictions and other data for every member of your target population. This ensures blazing fast response times.

Recurring deployment


Like clockwork.

Set up recurring scoring schedules to get up-to-date predictions on all of your leads and customers.

Recurring deployments

Select your candidates.

Select your payload.

Choose the propensity scores, persona assignments, segment memberships, and more that you want deployed to the destination.

Make it count.Your predictions aren’t valuable until you use them. Faraday includes a repository of actionable, powerful recipes for growth.

Use cases