Predictions are secret ingredients.

In the right combination, with the right tools and workflows, they unlock your next level of growth.


Why predict?Great question. Predictions aren’t valuable until you use them.

Use cases



Propensity predictions.

Likelihood to buy, upgrade, churn—you name it, Faraday lets you predict and engage the people who will do it.

Predicting propensity

Define your objectives.

Define your objectives.

Faraday lets you define your propensity goals using a simple, business-focused customer journey model. Before you know it, you’ve crafted your predictive recipe.



Persona predictions.

Distinct personas are hidden in your data. Faraday helps you surface and assign them to any consumer.

Predicting persona

Configure your data

Configure your data.

Faraday automatically recommends which attributes to use for your segmentation analysis—but you can also choose your own.

Lifetime value


LTV predictions.

Predict the lifetime value of your leads and customers—customize discounts and promotions accordingly.



Journey predictions.

Everyone has their own unique journey. Predict and promote the next best product for each customer.

Deploy at will.Now that you’ve selected the predictions you’ll need, it’s time to push them back into your stack. Let’s learn how.

Deploying predictions