Using predictive lead scores to improve conversion rates and reduce CAC


1 min read

A smart lead scoring strategy is key to ensure you're not wasting time on bad-fit leads that were never going to convert anyway. While it's possible to develop a smart lead scoring strategy manually, it's time-consuming and leaves room for human error. With a predictive lead scoring strategy built by both your data and Faraday's permissioned, opt-in consumer data on nearly every U.S. adult, all the time that would've previously been spent building and maintaining the strategy manually can instead be spent going after best-fit leads.

Join Strategic Account Manager, Nick Haggerty, and Director of Marketing, Perry McDermott, as they walk through how you can utilize Faraday's predictive lead scoring capabilities in your acquisition strategy.

From this workshop, you'll learn:

  • Benefits of predictive lead scoring for B2C
  • How data influences predictive lead scoring strategies
  • How to set up lead scoring pipelines in Faraday
  • Best practices for planning and implementation
  • Activation tips and real-world examples

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