How a leading CRM used by roofers employs Faraday to help clients close deals 10% faster

This customer story has been anonymized to respect the company’s competitive strategy.

A leading CRM used by roofers leveraged Faraday’s infrastructure to power their Lead Intelligence tool, which helps their customers see which leads are likely to convert so that no time is wasted on bad fits.

Giving clients an edge

The product team at this CRM for roofers is focused on helping users find value in their product, and in the five years before adopting customer predictions, they observed a 10% drop in their user base’s conversion rate. After investigating why, the product team found that, as the customer's lead generation tools grew more advanced and varied, the lead data quality was reduced, and it became more difficult for their users to see what was valuable to them. With this in mind, they determined that they needed better ways for users to cut through the noise and surface their most valuable leads–and they settled on a solution in AI lead scoring.

“We wanted to be able to help our customers’ sales teams close more deals faster. Faraday’s lead scoring and data could help us do just that.” - VP of Product at a leading CRM for roofers

Finding a solution and time-to-market that fits

Although the product team unearthed an excellent opportunity to help their customers, building AI lead scoring entirely in-house was out of the question, as they didn’t have the resources to do so, and they knew that time was of the essence, so the long timeline wasn’t going to work for them. They also knew they needed purpose-built infrastructure to scale up as they grew.

With Faraday, this roofing software company found an infrastructure designed to predict lead and customer behavior and comes with a consumer identity graph that includes data on nearly every U.S. adult. This–plus Faraday’s 10+ years of experience–gave their product team the confidence to build and launch a successful product in their desired timeline.

“If we’d had the resources to build this pipeline ourselves fully, we were looking at a time-to-market of over a year. We integrated with Faraday in about three months, and it’s been worth it for that alone–not to mention the data and expertise we’ve received.” VP of Product at a leading CRM for roofers

Making predictions actionable

The roofing CRM’s software engineers embedded Faraday’s lead scores into their product and provided a way to filter lead results by lead rank. With lead rank, every lead and prospect in the roofing software is assigned a rank based on how likely they are to convert, which is displayed as the lead rank status. Before partnering with Faraday to surface this likelihood, The roofing CRM’s users might spend days nurturing a sales opportunity only to have it fall flat because there wasn’t a good fit.

Their users can easily filter by the highest lead rank, which perfectly fits the ultimate goal at the start–to surface actionable insights that help focus roofing sales teams.

Image of roofing CRM user interface

In the first six months since launch, the roofing CRM’s clients who have turned on the new feature close deals 10% faster than those who haven’t–netting an additional $3k+ per month for your average contractor. The product team at the CRM for roofers is thrilled with the results so far and are keen to leverage more of Faraday’s infrastructure to build additional features, focusing on explainability to give users a clear sense of why an individual lead is receiving its score.

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