Proactive, not reactive.

Predict your customers' churn scores, and act before they make that critical decision to churn.

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How does prediction work?You're invited to take a look under the hood.

Faraday Prediction Cloud

How it works

  1. Connect your data

    Use pre-built integrations to pull in your data, where it’s automatically enhanced with hundreds of consumer profile attributes.

  2. Build your churn model

    Define your retention journey and create outcomes along the journey that you want Faraday models to predict. Proactive retention starts before they're customers.

  3. Get ahead of churn

    Supplied with the knowledge of which consumers are likely to churn, you can save your discounts and promotions for the right people.

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Marley Spoon — 5X better churn predictions


Using a predictive churn model, Marley Spoon identified their risky customers faster than traditional retention methods.







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