Connections are how you connect your data with Faraday, whether it's in a database, warehouse, cloud bucket, or somewhere else entirely.

Connections overview

Connections are how you connect your data with Faraday. Connections are most commonly made to databases, warehouses, or cloud buckets, but can also be made to your CRM, ESP, or some other software via Faraday-managed connection.

Connections can serve as both the beginning and end of your data's journey in Faraday. When a connection is created, your data–wherever your connection is–can be used to create datasets, where you'll define event streams and traits that are then used to build cohorts. From then, you'll create your predictions: outcomes, personas, and recommenders. Last, you'll create pipelines to deploy predictions back to a connection you've made, or to CSV.

For connection creation instructions using both the Dashboard UI and API, see our how-to docs for connections.

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Faraday-managed connections

Faraday-managed connections can be created to either to pull data from or deploy predictions to other software within your stack, such as an ESP, CRM, or ad platform. To create a Faraday-managed connection, use the appropriate section while creating a new connection in Dashboard, or using the API via the option parameter in the createconnection API request.

Once you create the connection, please create a support ticket so that a Faraday support team member can initiate the connection on Faraday's side.

Faraday's IP allowlist

When creating a connection in Faraday, be sure that the below list of IP addresses are added to your organization's allowlist, otherwise any connection you configure may fail or go stale.

IP address

Deleting a connection

Before deleting a connection, ensure that all resources using it, such as an event stream, any cohorts using those event streams, any outcomes using those cohorts, etc, are no longer using it. Once there are no other resources using the connection, you can safely delete it.

  • Dashboard: click the options menu (three dots) on the far right of the cohort you'd like to delete, or upper right when viewing a cohort, then click delete. Screenshot of deleting a connection
  • API: use the delete connection API request.

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