Connections are how you connect your data with Faraday, whether it's in a database, warehouse, cloud bucket, or somewhere else entirely.

In Connections, you'll connect your data between Faraday and a database, data warehouse, cloud bucket, etc. in your stack. For specific prerequisites based on the type of connection you're using, see our documentation's connection guides. You can also kick off configuration of managed connections to your stack via various ESPs, CRMs, ad platforms, and more.

Getting started

Inside Connections, you'll find a list of your current connections if you have any, with columns for:

  • Datasets: the number of datasets using this connection.
  • Targets: the number of targets, or deployments, using this connection.
  • Status: whether the connection is ready, queued, or errored.

Creating a connection

  1. Select new connection in the upper right of the Connections list view.

Screenshot of the Connections list view

  1. Select your desired connection as the connection type. You'll see steps specific to your selected connection expand below for you to fill out. As an example, for Google BigQuery, you need the project ID and dataset name.

📘Managed connections

Screenshot of a BigQuery connection setup with form filled

  1. Give your connection a unique name.

  2. Lastly, click save connection to finalize.

With your connection saved, it's ready to be used in Pipelines for prediction deployment.

Faraday's IP allowlist

When creating a connection in Faraday, be sure that the below list of IP addresses are added to your organization's allowlist, otherwise any connection you configure may fail or go stale.

IP address

Deleting a connection

To delete a connection, click the options menu (three dots) on the far right of the connection you'd like to delete, then click delete. If the connection is in use by other objects in Faraday, such as a dataset, the delete connection popup will indicate that you need to modify those in order to delete the connection. Once there are no other objects using this connection, you can safely delete it.

📘Deleting resources

Screenshot of deleting a connection