No-code predictions for
scoring leads
preventing churn
finding new customers
crushing goals
personalizing outreach
engaging customers
dreaming big
maximizing LTV
direct mail
smart discounting
getting it done

Faraday lets you embed AI in workflows throughout your stack—to make your favorite tools perform even better

Predict my lead scores

and deploy to Salesforce

Sync data from Hubspot
Use lead conversion propensity
Predict for all leads
Deploy to Salesforce every night

Powering hundreds of brands, large and small

Predict like a pro, no PhD required

From marketers to developers, Faraday makes it easy to put machine learning predictions to work for your team.

Predict my personas

and deploy to Klaviyo

Sync data from Snowflake
Use customer personas
Assign to all customers
Deploy to Klaviyo every night

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We wouldn't be where we are as a company today without Faraday
Canopy logoMichael De Santis, Chief of Staff

Beat your goals with AI, it's as easy as π

Start with one of our powerful built-in templates for lead scores, personas, and more. Or build the next award-winning strategy from scratch.
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Predict my likelihood to buy

and deploy to Facebook

Sync customer data from Salesforce
Use purchase propensity
Predict for all U.S. adults
Deploy to Facebook custom audience

May seem brainy, but we're all heart

Choose your own balance between power and fairness.

Delight your customers, impress your colleagues, surprise even yourself

Join hundreds of brands, agencies, and platforms getting real, practical value from AI.


Along with improvements in performance, Burrow gained a better understanding of which audience segments would provide a higher returns on their ad spend.

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Iterable interviews Faraday's CEO to unlock the secrets to automated personalization using consumer data and AI responsibly.

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Advia was able to better understand its members’ needs and more intelligently segment both their email and direct mail audiences.

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Learn how Thirstie uses embedded machine learning predictions to give users more valuable insights about their markets.

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Works like magic, powered by math

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