Acculynx launches AI-powered lead intelligence with Faraday prediction API

Acculynx launches AI-powered lead intelligence with Faraday prediction API


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We are excited to announce that AccuLynx, a leading provider of cloud-based business management software for roofing contractors, has launched a new Lead Intelligence feature that uses AI to predict homeowner buying behavior.

Lead Intelligence, powered by Faraday's prediction API, taps into responsibly sourced consumer data and machine learning to enrich and score Acculynx customers’ leads every week, and provides users with up-to-date lead rankings that can help prioritize their sales efforts and close more business efficiently.

“Lead Intelligence is a game-changer for roofing companies,” said Mark Rattin, VP of Product at AccuLynx. “AccuLynx customers no longer have to guess which leads to call first, or only rely on their experienced sales people to quickly close deals. Now they can improve their sales win rates by focusing their efforts on the best leads.”

Here’s how it works

Lead Intelligence uses Faraday to analyze hundreds of data points on all of their customers’ leads, including demographic, financial, property data and more, which then provides a score that indicates the likelihood of a lead converting into a customer.

By leveraging Faraday's API, Acculynx was able to develop the Lead Intelligence feature in a matter of months, providing users with a game-changing tool included in all subscriptions and saving significant engineering and data science resources that would otherwise be required.

We at Faraday are proud to support Acculynx’s mission of providing roofing contractors with easy-to-use technology tools that help them work smarter and grow their business.

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