Faraday integration spotlight: LeadConduit

Faraday integration spotlight: LeadConduit


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Faraday is thrilled to highlight LeadConduit, the ActiveProspect integration for Faraday. Between LeadConduit helping you acquire, optimize, and distribute leads, and Faraday scoring your leads with likely-to-convert predictions, your leads have never been easier to manage. Read on for details on how ActiveProspect and LeadConduit can help scale your lead management efforts:

ActiveProspect is a comprehensive SaaS platform that empowers companies across industries to scale quality lead acquisition from any source, protect against litigation risk by documenting proof of consent, and accelerate speed-to-lead with automated process flows. With almost 20 years of experience in the industry, ActiveProspect has developed a reputation as the industry-leading consent-based marketing platform.

ActiveProspect’s three main products –TrustedForm, LeadConduit, and LeadsBridge– are designed to help businesses capitalize on marketing opportunities and maximize conversions.

  • TrustedForm is the de facto standard for documenting express written consent by providing independent certificates of authenticity used for legal compliance and campaign optimization.
  • LeadConduit streamlines the leading buying process to help businesses efficiently acquire customers at scale. Custom lead flows automatically enhance and filter leads in real time to deliver the highest-quality prospects to your CRM or lead buyer.
  • LeadsBridge automates your customer acquisition workflows from major ad platforms with seamless integration to your revenue tech stack. Utilize over 380 integrations to sync your leads, target custom audiences, and conversion tracking to boost sales and productivity.

Overall, ActiveProspect offers the only complete solution for consent-based marketing powered by patented technology. Its TrustedForm, LeadConduit, and LeadsBridge products are just a few examples of the company's commitment to delivering high-quality solutions that help businesses succeed in today's increasingly competitive marketplace.

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