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Why Faraday?Stripe solved payments. Twilio solved messaging. We solved prediction.

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“Thirstie attained price-certainty and near infinite scale for its consumer reporting functions.”

Accelerate your roadmap.

Actionable AI in weeks.

Looking to roll out predictions, but facing an overwhelming backlog? On the hunt for tools that will scale your growth?

You can get there faster. Faraday makes consumer predictions available to your users with the touch of a button — without having to leave your UI. Drive engagement with lead scores, predictive personas, and more.

Instant value for customers without tying up resources? It’s a no-brainer.

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Add AI-powered insights directly in your UI with our easy IFRAME-based embeddable dashboard. Choose your widgets, customize branding, and get launched in days.


Use Faraday’s RESTful API to easily make predictions about your customers’ behavior. Check out our developer documentation to start integrating today.

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