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Tap into responsibly sourced consumer data and turnkey machine learning to extract more value from the data you work hard to maintain.

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Add a predictive layer to your stack. With Faraday, you can deploy practical consumer predictions to the tools your team uses every day.

Reveal winning strategies

Gain a better understanding of what’s driving results across your customer acquisition, engagement, and retention strategies.

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The world's fastest-growing brands use Faraday to add customers, every day


Along with improvements in performance, Burrow gained a better understanding of which audience segments would provide a higher returns on their ad spend.

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Iterable interviews Faraday's CEO to unlock the secrets to automated personalization using consumer data and AI responsibly.

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Turnkey AI

No messing with code, models, or algorithms. Just point and click to set it up.

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Practical predictions

Behaviors, personas, or lifetime value; Faraday’s machine learning is ready to predict it.

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Built-in data

Good data fuels good predictions. Faraday brings rich third-party data to the table.

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Responsibility matters

With power comes responsibility. Faraday gives you controls to detect and mitigate bias.

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Safe and sound

Your data is your data. Faraday keeps it isolated and safe with SOC-2 security.

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Connected to your world

Every stack is different. Faraday provides flexible, straightforward ways to connect with yours.

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No black boxes

Faraday gives thorough visibility into your models so you can understand how they work.

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Ethical data

Opt-in commercial data only—no social scraping or third-party cookie tacking.

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Faraday lets you make simple predictions about your customers' behavior and deploy them to your stack so your tools can work smarter.

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