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Use predictions to optimize how you prioritize, route, and engage customers.

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Likely to convert
Charlie Chatmore
Assign to best rep for lead
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Based on $97 predicted LTV
Trial Tracy

Anticipate the behavior of each and every customer

Turbocharge your customer engagement workflows with AI.

Popular recipes

# First register your data to produce event streams
curl --header 'Authorization: Bearer $YOUR_API_TOKEN' --json '{
  "name": "Transaction",
  "identity_sets": {
    "shipping": {...}
  "options": {
    "type": "hosted_csv",
    "upload_directory": "transaction_data_files"
  "output_to_streams": {
    "transaction": {
      "data_map": {
        "datetime": "created_at"
      "value": "total"

# Now organize your customer data into cohorts
curl --header 'Authorization: Bearer $YOUR_API_TOKEN' --json '{
  "name": "Customers",
  "stream_name": "transaction"
# Next, declare your prediction objectives
# ⚠️ Uses prerelease features which may not work for your account: Forecast
curl --header 'Authorization: Bearer $YOUR_API_TOKEN' --json '{
  "name": "Forecasted spend",
  "stream_name": "transaction",
  "stream_property_name": "value"
# And finally complete your pipeline to deploy
curl --header 'Authorization: Bearer $YOUR_API_TOKEN' --json '{
  "name": "Adaptive discounting",
  "population": {
    "include": [
  "payload": {
    "forecast_ids": [

Dynamic prediction

Timeline matters

Patterns that predict behavior in the early stages of a customer journey eventually stop working and new ones take over. Only Faraday uses time-linked model ensembles to tell the true story.

Example UI from the Faraday dashboard the performance of a propensity outcome

Algorithmic freedom

We'll pick the algorithms so you don't have to

Faraday will detect and select the best tool for the job, from time-tested classics to cutting-edge GenAI.

Example UI from the Faraday dashboard showing the top predictors for a given propensity outcome, along with directionality

Everything you need to predict customer behavior, built-in

All the power, flexibility, and data you need to ship fast.

Built-in consumer data

Humans included.

Get more accurate predictions—and avoid the dreaded cold-start problem—with 1,500+ consumer attributes on nearly 240 million adults.

Browse included traits

AI safety

Predict wisely.

Explainability, privacy, bias management, and transparency: find your balance between power and fairness.

Responsible AI with Faraday

Automated feature engineering

Got data? We'll use it.

In addition to its built-in consumer data, Faraday can find patterns in whatever first-party data you have for even more accurate predictions.

Using first-party data

Success stories

Predictive customer experiences work better

Here's a few ways to get started, based on how you like to work.

Learn by doing

Collaborate with us

Let’s work together async with Slack and Figma to prototype fast. Everyone at Faraday from our CEO/CTO to our engineers can pitch in to get you shipping.

Talk it out

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