Key abstractions

  • Cohorts

    Cohorts are interesting groups of people that your business is interested in, such as customers and leads.

  • Connections

    Connections are how you connect your data with Faraday, whether it's in a database, warehouse, cloud bucket, or somewhere else entirely.

  • Datasets

    Datasets are how you describe your data to Faraday, accomplished through identity sets, events, and traits.

  • Events

    Events contains a list of all events that have been created in your Faraday account.

  • Forecasts

    Coming soon, Forecasts will let you predict the value and frequency of transactions an individual will make over a certain timeframe.

  • Outcomes

    Propensity predictions enable you to predict the likelihood of virtually any action, such as lead conversion or customer churn.

  • Persona sets

    Persona predictions organize your customers and leads into interesting groups based on trait similarities.

  • Pipelines

    Pipelines are how you choose which predictions you want to deploy, who you want to make those predictions on, and where they should go.

  • Recipes

    Recipes are quickstarts for popular predictions, combining a use case with its connection to create a fully-provisioned pipeline.

  • Recommenders

    Recommender predictions allow you to predict which product, service, or other offer that any individual is likely to respond best to.

  • Traits

    Traits contains a list of all traits in your Faraday account–both your first-party traits and those in the Faraday Identity Graph.