Persona sets

Persona sets are predictions that organize your cohorts into thematic groups based on trait similarities to enable personalization insights.

Persona sets overview

Persona sets are predictions that organize your cohorts into thematic groups based on trait similarities from both the Faraday Identity Graph and your data. Each persona within a persona set, like "Middle-aged Mom Moira," can provide context around shifts in your customer base, insights into the types of messaging and creative that will resonate best with specific cohorts, and help you deliver personalized experiences across multiple channels throughout your customer lifecycle.

Additionally, these persona predictions can help you:

  • Understand key traits that define your personas, enabling you to build intelligent paths-to-purchase and customize your content and creative for each persona.
  • Understand each persona's contribution to overall revenue, average order size, and specific product sales so you can guide your acquisition spend, discounting strategies, and optimize your overall customer acquisition cost: lifetime value ratio.
  • Ensure that–regardless of lifecycle stage–every contact enjoys relevant, exceptional personalized experiences as their lives evolve.

Persona sets are created by selecting the cohort that you'd like to make predictions on. Once your persona set is created, you're able to select it as a payload element in a pipeline–alongside other predictions you've made, like outcomes–so that you can apply the predictions you just made to a group of people. From there, you'll deploy your predictive personas back to a connection you've made, or a CSV file.

For persona set creation instructions using both the Dashboard UI and API, see our how-to docs for customer personas.

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Analyzing a persona set

Once your persona set is complete and its status is Ready, you can use the definition, analysis, and flow tabs to dig deeper into each persona.


In the Definition tab, each persona is broken down by its name, an avatar based on the most dominant features used to cluster, the population, and the traits used to cluster.

Screenshot of a persona set's definition tab


In the Analysis tab, view various datapoints about the persona set, like its size, the traits that were used to cluster, and any other traits you'd like to dig into, such as dog ownership.

📘Adding addition analysis traits

Screenshot of a persona set's analysis tab


In the Flow tab, each persona's change over time is displayed. Mouseover a given location in the chart to view the persona membership at a specific time.

Screenshot of a persona set's flow tab

Deleting a persona set

Before deleting a persona set, ensure that resources using it, such as a pipeline, are no longer using it. Once there are no other resources using the persona set, you can safely delete it.

  • Dashboard: click the options menu (three dots) on the far right of the persona set you'd like to delete, or upper right when viewing a persona set, then click delete. Screenshot of deleting a persona set
  • API: use the delete persona set API request.

📘Deleting resources