Traits contains a list of all traits in your Faraday account–both your first-party traits and those in the Faraday Identity Graph.

In Traits, you'll find a full list of traits available in your account. Here, you can search through the hundreds of responsibly-sourced, cookieless Faraday Identity Graph traits that can be used throughout Faraday–from creating cohorts and persona sets to analyzing in Explore, and more–in addition to any user-defined traits you create with your own data.

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Search for any trait using the searchbar, or filter by provider (Faraday or user defined) using the menu at the top.

Specific trait guides

Below, you'll find additional descriptions or tables, where applicable, for some Faraday Identity Graph traits.

Housing density definitions

The housing_density trait corresponds to “Units per sq/mi” below.

Housing density definitions
RankNameUnits per sq/mi
1Sparsely populated1-72
2Lightly rural72-337
3Moderately rural337-640
4Low density suburban640-1,200
5Medium density suburban1,200-2,400
6High density suburban2,400-3,456
7Low density urban3,456-4,672
8Medium density urban4,762-6,400
9High density urban6,400-10,000
10Moderate urban core10,000-16,000
11Dense urban core16,000+