Object preservation

How to delete resources in Faraday, and the order in which to delete them.

Nearly everything in Faraday–from cohorts, to outcomes, to deployments–is able to be deleted. When deleting a resource, which is generally done via either the trashcan button or the three horizontal dots (...) on the right-hand side of the given page, you may come across an error stating "Check for dependencies and delete those first."

When this message appears, it means that the resource you are attempting to delete is in use elsewhere. For example, attempting a deletion on an outcome that a current pipeline is using will result in this error. To avoid this, the following is the order in which resources should be deleted in Faraday:

  1. Deployment

  2. Pipeline

  3. Outcome

  4. Persona set

  5. Cohort

  6. Event stream (configured in a dataset)

  7. Dataset

  8. Connection

If you're unsure about deleting any unneeded resources, feel free to open a ticket in our support portal specifying which resource(s) you'd like deleted.