Faraday & Iterable integration

Integrating Faraday with Iterable lets you leverage AI-powered customer predictions, fueled by your first party data and Faraday’s robust Identity graph of all US adults, in your Iterable journeys. Predict for individual product recommendations, users' likelihood of churning, purchasing, and/or their demographic persona.

Setup instructions

To start, create the appropriate predictions in Faraday based on your use case(s). From there, you have three options of integrating Faraday’s predictions into your Iterable workflows:

  1. Create a Faraday-managed connection in Faraday, in which Faraday will manage a sync of your predictions to Iterable via ETL.
  2. Create a Faraday connection to your data warehouse, database, etc, and create a sync to Iterable via your preferred RETL platform.
  3. Deploy Faraday predictions to CSV, and manually upload to an Iterable audience.